Bass Instruments

You cand find a wide range of bass instrument, you have several models available and if you need a particular model you can contact us with pleasure.


We have a wide range of violins, on request we can create the desired pattern.


We have a wide range of cellos, on request we can create the desired pattern.

About Ioan Bucur

I opened my own instruments making workshop in 1997 and started to build small instruments, violins, violas and in a short period of time I specialized in the construction of big music instruments, cellos and double basses. We are making a variety of double basses from the smallest sizes, 1/8 up to 4/4 and 5 strings. At the moment we have over 15 models of double basses. The instruments are made out of solid wood, the wood is being 100% naturally dried and it has a high quality. For the back, neck and ribs we use maple wood, and for the top spruce; the wood comes from the Carpathian Mountains. All the instruments are handmade by me and also under my supervision. For reaching the sound perfection I am helped by my son, Ionut whom I am carefully preparing with all my knowledge to continue this activity.